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   Good Neighbor Policies

1.   Quiet time is 10:00 PM. to 7:00 AM.  

2.   Check out time is 1:00 PM (Atlantic time). Thereafter, please pay $10.00
day fee for an extension until 5:00 PM, or choose to stay another night.
Requires authorization by Park Host based on site availability.

3.   If you would like to remove the bugs from the front of your vehicle using
a brush and a bucket, you are welcome. If the job requires a hose, kindly
delay the wash job until you are at a truck/RV washing facility. To date, this
liberty has been appreciated and all have respected the “no hose” guideline.

4.   Fires in elevated fire rings with heat shield. We provide these plus starter
and kindling with your purchase of firewood. Our fire rings are available for
rent, provided no scrap wood or scavenged wood are burned. Scavenged
firewood has not been properly dried and is smoky. No neighbor likes a
smoky fire. Firewood sales until 8:00PM please.

5.    Trash the Dumpster is located half-way up the hill, at the dump station.

6.    Recycling the center accepts glass, metal, cardboard and plastic
containers.  No paper.  No garbage.  Please do not intermix recyclable
materials with trash, as then it is all classified as trash, and will not be taken
in the recycling truck.

7.    Our sewer system – a mix of holding tanks and septic tanks – cannot
handle the water load created by doing laundry in your RV or campsite. The
campground laundry (by request, 10:30AM-8:00PM) is connected to city
sewer. Clothes left in the machines at 8PM can be accessed the following
morning at 10:30.

8.    Visitors  We want you to have visitors – free entrance. Fee applies for
overnight stay.

9.    Dogs on leash and owners that clean up after them are welcome.

10.  Dust – At limited times of the season, road dust gets horrendous.
         P-l-e-a-s-e be considerate and drive slowly.

Free Wi-Fi
No password needed – RiversideRV. Performance is subject to vagaries
beyond our control. Best reception obtained outside your RV. Aluminum acts
as a shield. Good for browsing the internet or checking email but will not
support video streaming, playing internet games, etc.

Park Water is city water – delicious, nutritious, and good-for-you too.